NCSS Auditor Register – list of registered auditors

The NCSS Register of Auditors lists individual audit contractors or audit firms who have met the ACSL Auditor Selection Criteria and undertaken NCSS training by ACSL to perform safeguarding audits of Church entities against the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards.

Reviews or audits of Church entities such as dioceses, religious institutes and MPJPs against the NCSS help to measure the progress a Catholic Church entity has made in implementing safeguarding policies and processes designed to keep children and adults at risk safe in Church communities.

Approved auditors for the NCSS are:

  • ACSL auditors
  • External auditors registered with ACSL via the NCSS Auditor Register

Quick facts about the NCSS Auditor Register

  • NCSS Auditors must complete ACSL’s Auditor Induction Program prior to carrying out safeguarding audits of Church entities against the NCSS.
  • ACSL works with Church entities to determine the size and scope of their audit. Once an audit is completed, it is subject to an independent quality assurance review. All audit reports will be published on ACSL’s website.
  • The cost of the audit will be negotiated between the Church entity and the auditor directly.

The External Auditors who have met the requirements to undertake a NCSS safeguarding audit are listed.  ACSL assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the information provided by external auditors.  Church Authorities are encouraged to undertake due diligence in their selection of auditor, ensure transparency and manage any actual or perceived conflicts of interest.

Auditors or Assessors are not to provide assessment services for work for which they may previously have been responsible. When engaging an Auditor/Assessor, Church Authorities will take steps to identify, evaluate the significance, and manage any perceived or actual conflicts of interest that may impinge upon safeguarding assessment work. See ACSL’s Guidance Note on Managing Conflicts of Interest in Engaging an NCSS Auditor for further information.

If you are a Church entity seeking an audit or review against the NCSS and you wish to use an auditor other than ACSL, you can contact an audit firm via the links below. 

You can also contact ACSL to arrange for an audit by ASCL or to discuss any aspect of the audit process by emailing