Australian Catholic Ministry Register

The ACMR assists clerics, religious and their Church Authorities in the safe management of movement for ministry. This helps church entities to comply with National Catholic Safeguarding Standard 5.7.1.

Below you will find resources and forms for the ACMR and movement for ministry more broadly. For the basics please see our FAQ, to learn more about NCSS 5.7.1 read our guidance. Detailed information for Church entities on how to manage the ACMR can be found in our procedure’s guide as well as training available through ACSL’s learning platform.


ACMR Procedures Guide

ACMR Procedures Guide Ed. 1

ACMR forms

Applying for an ACMR ID

Individual Safeguarding Declaration form Ed.1.1
Church Authority Safeguarding Statement form Ed.1.1
Photo Testimonial form Ed.1

Maintenance and update forms

Change of Status form Ed.1.2
Transfer and Safeguarding Statement form Ed.1.1
Annual List Affirmation form Ed.1
Re-approval from Restricted form Ed.1
Restricted Person Removal form Ed.1

Leadership forms

Church Authority Nomination form Ed.1
Delegate Nomination form Ed.1

Guidance materials

NCSS 5.7.1 Guidelines
ACSL Safeguarding Statements form - template
ACSL Safeguarding Statements and Disclosure form - template
Restriction article — newsletter October 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

ACMR Frequently Asked Questions

Contact ACSL regarding the ACMR:

Llywellyn O’Brien – Manager, Information and Systems.
Phone: 0448 108 101