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Demetrius Consulting provides a range of services for organisations delivering services to children and vulnerable families, people with disability and people in aged care. These include:

  • Resolving and investigating complaints and internal grievances
  • Conducting reportable conduct, reportable disability and serious incident response scheme investigations
  • Staff misconduct investigations
  • Providing a mentoring and coaching support to internal investigators
  • Developing client safety management systems, policies, procedures and resources
  • Auditing agency compliance with safeguarding systems
  • Conducting service delivery and organisational governance reviews
  • Developing and delivering bespoke training on responding to and investigating client safety incidents and allegations

Julianna Demetrius, Director  

Established in 2019, Demetrius Consulting is headed by Julianna Demetrius and is based in Sydney with clients from across NSW and interstate. Backed by her extensive experience in complaint handling, conciliation, oversighting abuse and neglect investigations involving children and vulnerable adults, as well as leading major systemic reviews and audits across a broad range of human service and justice spheres, Julianna began her consultancy practice following her more than 19 years with the NSW Ombudsman’s Office in several senior and statutory roles.

As a consultant, Julianna has been engaged by a range of state and federal regulatory bodies to develop safeguarding guidelines, and regularly conducts safeguarding investigations, audits, and training for a large number of Catholic and other entities.

Key contact: Julianna Demetrius, Director


Phone: 0418 671 402

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