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KPMG Australia has a long tradition of professionalism and integrity. KPMG’s Safeguarding team works to help deliver better outcomes for vulnerable people, including children, through assisting organisations implement safeguards, manage risk and achieve safe, quality outcomes for the communities they serve.

KPMG Australia has one of Australia’s largest safeguarding teams. We are well resourced to help you navigate and embrace safeguarding. We understand better practice approaches and bring a deep appreciation of community expectations in regard to creating and maintaining a safe church environment and culture that enables vulnerable people to thrive.

Our team’s extensive experience stems from our safeguarding, governance, risk, incident management and compliance expertise, as well as detailed knowledge and experience in the health, ageing and human services and education sectors. We deploy highly structured approaches to identify, understand and manage risks and compliance.

To ensure the delivery of a quality audit outcome, we will deploy a team that understand the complexity of the Catholic Church context and are highly experienced in conducting safeguarding audits within the Catholic Church environment.

We understand that the ultimate beneficiaries of this audit program are the communities that each Catholic entity serves and supports. We are dedicated to equipping you with the knowledge to effectively implement strategies and initiatives, enabling you to navigate the complexities of safeguarding with confidence and proficiency. Our personal commitment is to ensure that you receive the very best that KPMG can offer.

Key contact: Rochelle Hawkins, Partner, Safeguarding Risk Advisory


Phone: +61 3 9288 6377

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