Standard Ten

Policies and procedures support the safety of children and adults

Policies and procedures document how the entity is safe for children and adults

10.1 Policies and procedures address the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards.

10.1.1 All relevant policies and procedures reference appropriate safeguarding approaches, requirements, and responsibilities.

10.2 Policies and procedures are accessible and easy to understand.

10.2.1 The policies and procedures relevant to safeguarding are readily available and accessible to all personnel.

10.3 Best practice models and stakeholder consultation inform the development and review of policies and procedures.

10.3.1 There are processes in place to monitor how safeguarding policies and procedures are being implemented.

10.3.2 There is a process in place to develop and review safeguarding policies and procedures.

10.4 Church leaders champion and model best practice implementation of the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards.

10.4.1 The Church Authority and leaders promote the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards and enact all policies and procedures relevant to safeguarding.

10.5 Personnel understand and implement policies and procedures.

10.5.1 Personnel are encouraged to reflect on their understanding and practical implementation of policies and procedures and provide feedback.

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