Catholic entities invited to show their commitment to safeguarding with the NCSS Commitment Badge


The National Catholic Safeguarding Standards (NCSS) underpin the Catholic Church’s commitment to working towards a common goal of every child, in every community being safe, cared for, having their needs met and being afforded the chance to realise their potential.

ACSL is inviting Catholic organisations to show their commitment to the NCSS by downloading the NCSS Commitment Badge for use on their websites and social media.

  • Schools, parishes, and all Catholic organisations are invited to show their commitment to the NCSS.
  • Head to ACSL’s website to download a copy of the NCSS Commitment Badge to feature on your own entity’s safeguarding commitment page, your organisation’s about us section, or in your upcoming annual report.
  • Sign up to have your entity’s logo featured on the NCSS Commitment Page.

Sign up to show your commitment to the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards