Panel Member – Ken Moroney

National Appeals and Reviews Panel

Ken Moroney

Ken Moroney was the NSW Commissioner of Police from 2002 to 2007. He has a remarkable track record of 42 years in the Police Force. Since his retirement from the Police Force in 2007, Ken has founded Nemesis and has continued to share his expertise and experience in a number of fields including institutional child sexual abuse, and is based in Sydney, NSW.  

Ken chairs a number of boards including the Board of Management, Australian Graduate School of Police Management; Board of Management, New South Wales Police Command College; Automated Number Plate Recognition Sponsoring Group, Federal Attorney General’s Department; National Case Management Project, Federal Attorney General’s Department; and Board of Directors, New South Wales Police Credit Union. 

He is also a member of the State Parole Authority; Law Enforcement Advisory Panel, United Nations and World Bank Project; Conduct Division, Judicial Commission of NSW; and State Council, St Johns Ambulance.