NCSS Edition 2 Implementation Guide, Part 1 is out now


This month we are pleased to present the NCSS Edition 2 Implementation Guide, part 1.

This first part of the guide covers the first two capability areas of NCSS Edition 2:

Leadership, monitoring and improvement;

and Engaging with children, adults, families and communities.


The guide is intended to assist Catholic organisations to consider how they can get started in applying the NCSS within their own contexts.

In this Guide we have applied the requirements of the NCSS for children and adults at risk to real life ministry settings, and provided examples of safeguarding. We have also provided references to resources from child safety regulators and other sector leaders.

  • The guide contains:
    Examples of actions that help to apply the NCSS, standard by standard.
    Lists of policies and processes that may help an organisation document how they are implementing a standard.
    Fictional case studies to illustrate how the NCSS can apply in ministry settings.
    Reflective and prompting questions for organisations.
    Part 2 of the Implementation Guide will cover the last two capability areas:
    Right people, right role, right knowledge (Standards 5 & 7) and
    Systems, policies and procedures (Standards 6, 8 & 10)

We hope to release Part 2 of the NCSS Implementation Guide in April 2024.

Read the NCSS Ed.2 Implementation Guide, Part 1